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You’re planning on getting a corporate video made and that’s why you’re searching the internet for a good video production company to do this work. Perhaps you had a video made in the past but the media production company you used is either no longer in business or you were unhappy with the result. Believe me, this is a common experience.

I hope you will take a few minutes to view some of the films in our Video Production Gallery. You’ll see that they are all very professionally and creatively produced.

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Have we undertaken film production for your industry before?

Just because the kind of business or work you do may not already be represented in our Gallery, doesn’t mean we wouldn’t understand how to produce a film about your business.

Many of the businesses represented in our Video Production Gallery were at the start, unfamiliar to us. But we bring an essential element to each new client: Objectivity.

We don’t know how to run a large international sea port like Forth Ports.

We’ve never made golf trolleys like Motocaddy.

We’ve never had to deal with the complex needs of the airline industry as our client IATA does (International Air-transport Association).

But all of our clients agree that our business films successfully convey exactly what each of them need.

We will ask questions that require you to consider carefully what it is you wish to communicate.

What are the five most important messages that you feel are critical to include in your company video? How would you prioritise them?

How long should a professional video be?

The people you want to reach are as busy as you. How much time would you spare if you received a similar invitation to view?

These days most “message” or “sales” videos are quite short. Gone are the twenty minute corporate indulgencies.

Your potential clients are busy people, just as you are. You have a short window of time to deliver enough information with sufficient impact to pique their interest and drive them to get in touch with you.

Your corporate film should summarise rather than try to show or explain everything, but it should include things the viewer is surprised to discover. And of course, your film production should be a pleasing experience for your audience.

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What does a professional video cost?

Remember, your video production represents your business, and while it’s true that the larger the budget, the more glossy the film, a lower budget can still deliver an effective and valuable company video.

You’d be surprised what can be done with a good script, voice over, music, a set of still images (or vectors), clever use of motion graphics and animated text. Our film for IATA, one of a set of 5, is a good example of this kind of work.

Our Production Gallery includes budgets ranging from £3000 to £30,000.

Contact me with your film production ideas and together we can come up with a tailored proposal to fit your budget.

What planning should you do for the best film production?

What is it you want to say in your corporate film?

A training video is a completely different animal to a sales video. The training film could be a Health and Safety film, or instructional video about how to assemble or install a product.

On the other hand a marketing film about a product or service should be thought of as an extended commercial, using commercial script writing skills to ensure the message is delivered in the most time efficient and visually attractive way.

Who do you want your promotional video to reach?

Who are you talking to? And where are they most likely to be found? Understanding who your audience is will have a direct effect on how you deliver your corporate video message.

A university prospectus film wouldn’t use the same creative style as a marketing film for a new housing development.

What do you want your audience to do?

At first glance you might think this is a daft thing to ask.

With a training film about H&S you want them to watch and learn. A sales film has a different task - you want the viewer to rush out and buy once they’ve seen it. But will your website video or marketing dvd achieve this? Simply presenting your wonderful product, or company H&S rules in a video production doesn’t guarantee anything.

Most employees will be reluctant watchers of an H&S video. They’ve probably seen similar things before and been bored to death. You might think that your job isn’t to entertain your staff but educate them. Well I have news for you!

Making your H&S film or any other important company information video engaging is the wisest thing you could do. Otherwise it will simply be an exercise in spending and wasting money.

A well constructed and engaging corporate training film will do a very good job of passing on crucial information. There are ways of holding the attention of your staff while educating them and I would be delighted to go through these ideas with you.

How about the sales video? As you are aware, just because your product or service is innovative and exciting or perhaps better than the competition doesn’t mean that it will sell itself. It needs a little help.

Check out the competition! It doesn’t hurt to see how your competitors are marketing their product online and can help you do it better. If they don’t have an online promotional film, you are already about to steal the advantage. Some companies have poorly produced or conceived corporate films on their sites and this is your chance to get it right first time and really show the world what you have to offer.

Think of the 5 key (and provable) things that will improve your potential customer’s life and base your media production around that.

Keep the sales film as short and punchy as possible and don’t make it your only sales tool, leave something for your sales team to do. It should be a sales driver, with a strong call to action allowing your sales team to clinch a sale from an already warm prospect.

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Why choose Mark Wesley’s video production company?

With over 20 years of video production experience which includes making documentaries for Channel 4 and ITV, as well as hundreds of successful business to business and business to customer videos, you can be confident that Mark Wesley Productions will deliver a high quality and effective film production for your business or organisation.

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Finally, as our client testimonials show, people enjoy working with me. I’m confident you will too.

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